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How Our Technology Works

Description of BioCube's Breathalyzer Device

The CannaSens Delta9 is a user-friendly device that can detect the presence of THC in the breath of an individual who has smoked marijuana within several hours prior to being tested.

Delta9 utilizes IMS, PID or GC-Column detection technologies to analyze the breath sample collected from an individual exhaling into a tube attached to the device. As the sample passes through the device, it is ionized and the resulting molecules undergo complete analysis, with the target substances detected and identified. Any resulting concentration levels are calculated and displayed on an LCD screen. Communication with an external computer or a data collection/exchange server is accomplished via a USB port. The Delta9 device is also capable of sounding an alarm once the concentration level reaches preset limits.

Delta9 key characteristics:

  • real-time analysis
  • high sensitivity in low parts per billion range
  • superior selectivity and cross sensitivity rejection
  • direct analysis without the use of other devices
  • low operating cost, no consumables

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